How to Use Statewide Contracts

Statewide contracts leverage the state’s collective buying power to help you save money, reduce risk, and streamline purchasing. Buy products and services directly from over 1,750 vendors.

Common goods and services

Search current contracts to see all available goods and services.

State agencies are required to use statewide contracts

If a statewide contract cannot fulfill a state agency’s needs, the agency may purchase from a vendor that is not on contract and document the reason. We expect agencies to use discretion and sound judgment when making this decision as this will be taken into consideration during the delegation of authority process.

Sign up to use statewide contracts

Before you can use the state’s purchasing power, your organization must sign a contract usage agreement.

  1. Check that your organization is not already on our list of organizations with current contract usage agreements.
  2. Download and print the contract usage agreement. Send these documents as separate files and unlocked. Using DocuSign locks the files and prevents us from signing.
  3. Send a scanned copy of your signed contract usage agreement and any supporting documentation to: or mail to
    ATTN: Contracts Resource Center
    Box 41408
    Olympia, WA 98504-1408
  4. You will receive a copy of the completed agreement via email.

Costs associated with statewide contracts

There is no cost to sign a usage agreement.

Price lists are provided for each statewide contract. Prices should be considered maximum or ceiling prices and are based on lower-volume purchases. Check your invoice against the price list to make sure you are not charged more than the contract price. Additional discounts may be available based on order quantity, manufacturer or dealer incentives, or other competitive factors. Contractors are allowed to charge less than the stated contract price.

The Enterprise Services statewide contracts vendor management fee funds the costs for contract establishment and administration, product and price auditing, purchasing assistance, and online access as well as all services and administration DES performs under RCW 39.26. Vendors submit activity reports and management fees as outlined in the contract on a quarterly basis to DES.

Make a purchase from a statewide contract

After you sign a contract usage agreement:

  1. Use our Contract Search to find a contract. You can also search contracts with small, diverse, or veteran-owned businesses.
  2. Identify a vendor on the contract you wish to use.
  3. Contact the vendor and include:
    • The contract number you wish to use
    • The contract name
    • Your customer number

Stay up to date on statewide contracts news

Create a profile in our Customer Communication Profile database and update your contact information and interests to receive information about contract user agreements and your business needs. This information will not be shared with vendors.

We also recommend you subscribe to Contracts Connection, our semimonthly email newsletter with statewide contracts news and updates.

About statewide contracts

DES manages a statewide program to help governments and certain nonprofits buy goods and services through statewide contracts and cooperative agreements. These are the laws authorize us to establish statewide contracts:


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