Supplier Diversity in State Contracts

State agencies are required to take specific steps to ensure they give Washington state small, diverse, and veteran-owned businesses equitable access to goods and services contracts. We're working on improving equity in public spending to create more opportunities for Washington businesses, which strengthens our communities.

Our supplier diversity work includes:

  • Procurement Inclusion and Equity (PIE) program: We help small, diverse and veteran-owned businesses sell goods and services to Washington state governments. We are also working on changing procurement culture in government purchasing and building pipeline of small, diverse and veteran-owned businesses on statewide goods and services contracts.
  • State Contracts Assistance Network (SCAN): We connect small and diverse businesses with organizations and tools to help you be more successful at selling goods and services to the state.
  • Business Diversity Advisory Group (BDAG): Comprised of vendors, BDAG advises our Contracts and Procurement Division on ways to reduce barriers for small, diverse and veteran-owned businesses to participate in state contracts for goods and services. BDAG helped us develop the enterprise Supplier Diversity policy.
  • Supplier Diversity Community of Practice (SDCP): A forum for procurement professionals to connect and share how they are implementing the enterprise supplier diversity policy and best practices.
  • Public Works Business Diversity Program: Working to remove barriers for small and diverse businesses to participate in engineering, architectural, and public works projects. Includes information about inclusion plans and contact information for public works programs.
  • Encouraging Diversity, Growth, and Equity (EDGE): This pilot program is designed to give mini and micro-sized construction firms a more equitable space in the public works bidding and procurement process. 


Washington Procurement Connect: Strengthening Your Business 

Annual conference connecting small, diverse, and veteran-owned businesses in Washington with the procurement professionals from state and local governments, including counties, cities, schools, ports, commissions, and more.

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We work with the Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE) in their efforts to help businesses get certified, conducted a disparity study, partnered on the Washington State Roadmap to Contracting Equity, and support the Subcabinet on Business Diversity.

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