Manage, Report and Track Agency Contracts

Whether you are reporting goods and services contract usage, IT contract usage, or simply need to keep all of your contract renewal schedules in a single system, we can help!

Under RCW Chapter 39.26.210, we are required to collect data to promote contract transparency. We provide templates and instructions for reporting for goods and services contracts, as well as reporting for information technology specific contracts.

And if you need a way to track, sort, and report your agency's contract information, we also provide the Enterprise Contract Management System (ECMS).

Register for ECMS

Contact your agency's ECMS administrator to be added as a new user. Your agency administrator will issue you a user ID and password to log in to ECMS.

If your agency needs to add a new ECMS administrator, please log in to ECMS.

Using ECMS

ECMS uses the Contract Management Universe in Web Intelligence to help you with reporting and researching.

The system can send alerts about expiring contracts. You can also organize contract information in one place:

  • Amendments
  • Orders
  • Contract documents
  • Notes
  • Order amendments
  • Contract payments
  • An audit log

View the ECMS User Manual.

Password help

If you enter your password unsuccessfully more than five times, the system will lock your account.

If you forgot your password or got locked out, select “Forgot password” on the ECMS login page.

If you still cannot log in, contact your agency ECMS administrator for help.

Get help

  • If your agency is interested in using ECMS or needs a demonstration, please contact ECMS Customer Service.
  • If you are interested in using the ad-hoc reporting feature to create single-use data snapshots, contact ECMS technical support.

Contact us

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