Attendance Policy

Attendance, Fee Waiver and Waiting List Policies

Substitute Learners

Registrations may be canceled up to 12 business days prior to the class date and learners can be substituted for alternate learners up until the start of the class. If a substitute is not identified after the 12 business day deadline for cancellation has passed, then the employer will be charged for the class.


  1. Learners will earn training credit for a DES class if they attend at least 80% of the class. Learners who attend less than 80% of a class will not receive training credit and will be charged the full cost of the class.
  2. If a learner is unable to attend a class at the last minute they should communicate with their instructor and with If necessary, their agency may request a fee waiver following the process below.
  3. For multi-day classes, if a learner needs to miss a session they should communicate with the instructor and with Depending on circumstances, they may be able to make up the session with a different cohort and still receive full credit for the course.
  4. If a learner earns an incomplete, they will not be able to make up the missed portion of the class later at no charge (if charge is applicable). To earn full credit for the class, the learner must register for and earn full credit for the class. The employer will be charged the full cost for every class attempt.
  5. If a learner arrives more than ten minutes late to a full capacity class and their seat has already been given to an alternate, the late-arriving learner will not be able to participate in the class unless allowed by the instructor. The late-arriving learner will not be charged for the class.
  6. If a learner arrives for a class for which they are not enrolled, the Learning Solutions team will see if space is available for the learner to register and participate. Ultimately, it is the learner's responsibility to ensure that the status for the class shows as enrolled on any correspondence that is received from the employer training representatives or the Learning Management System. DES cannot guarantee a spot for anyone who is not registered in a class.

Fee Waivers

Fee waiver requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The employer must send DES an explanatory e-mail to within five business days from the start of the class. The email must include:

  • Name of the class.
  • Date of the class.
  • Learner name.
  • City where the class was held.
  • Reason for the fee waiver request.

Waiting List

  1. A learner is added to the class waitlist when they register for a class that is already full.
  2. Being on the waitlist does not guarantee registration in the class.
  3. All learners on the waitlist are notified via email if a class seat becomes available. The first learner to register via the Learning Management System will claim the open seat and will receive an enrollment notification. A learner on the waitlist is not officially enrolled in a class and is not eligible to receive credit in that class unless the learner receives a Learning Management confirmation email.

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