Energy Star Portfolio Manager

EPA's Portfolio Manager is a free web-based tool used to track and report on building energy use. Benchmarking in Portfolio Manager identifies opportunities for energy savings in buildings occupied by state government, colleges, municipalities and schools. The DES Energy Program provides resources and assistance to help our client's benchmark building energy use in the following ways:

  • Reports on building energy benchmarking by Washington state agencies and colleges
  • Resources that help our clients fund, install and manage metering and building energy tracking tools
  • Portfolio Manager training and educational presentations
  • Technical assistance by telephone and email

Benchmarking data due July 31

Data entries for March 2022-March 2024 are due in ESPM by July 31, 2024.

Changes this year

In your report to DES:

  • Do not include buildings under 10,000 square feet that are not part of a campus as defined in ESPM.
  • Only select the parent property when selecting campuses.

Energy use data requirement

To address energy efficiency in state owned or leased buildings, Washington law requires state agencies, universities, and colleges with buildings 10,000 square feet and larger to create an energy performance benchmark of their buildings and report their findings to DES. DES then compiles that data and sends an energy benchmarking report every two years to the Legislature.

The law requires utilities to use the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) program to track energy consumption data, with instructions for data uploads based on utility size.

  • Small utilities (less than 25,000 employees): Provide data in a spreadsheet for the building owner to upload to ESPM.
  • Large utilities (25,000 or more employees): Upload their own data directly to ESPM.

Public Building Energy Use Reports

Portfolio Manager Benchmarking Reports

Executive Order 12-06 Agency Reports

Resources for state agencies, colleges, and universities

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