Energy Efficiency Resources

Conservation resources to help building operators and occupants conserve energy:

Visit the Energy Hog website and go to Hog Buster training camp. Learn how to conserve energy at home and the office. Complete all five games to become an official Hog Buster:

Water Conservation

Water conservation plays a vital role in maintaining an adequate supply of water for Northwest homes and businesses. For water conservation information, check these links:

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

The governors of Washington, Oregon, and California have formed the West Coast Governors’ Initiative on Global Warming to address the economic and environmental consequences of global warming. To find out more about how the earth’s atmosphere naturally traps “greenhouse” gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane, use the links provided below.

Renewable Energy

Solar, micro-hydropower, wind power, geothermal and tidal power generation are examples of renewable energy. To find out more about renewable energy, use the links provided below.