Small Agency Support - One Washington

The Office of Financial Management (OFM) is the sponsor for a statewide initiative known as One Washington, which is a comprehensive business transformation program to modernize aging administrative systems and improve business processes used by state agencies. The plan is to replace and integrate the state’s core administrative systems (including an overhaul of the core financial system/Agency Financial Reporting System/AFRS that is over 30 years old) in a new enterprise resource planning solution by the end of fiscal year 2026.

Administrative business functions in scope for One Washington are:

  • finance
  • procurement
  • budget
  • human resources
  • payroll

For each administrative business function, the state's modernization effort needs a point of contact. The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) will serve as the primary point of contact, coordinate, respond, and help with preparation for One Washington for those small agencies for which DES provides accounting, budget, human resources, and/or payroll services. Small agencies not receiving services through DES, will be responsible to communicate directly with enterprise administrative functional owners and One Washington.

Please see the chart below that identifies which administrative business functions DES will cover and which business functions are the responsibility of each small agency for the One Washington modernization. Eventually, the enterprise owners and One Washington will collaboratively reach out and confirm agency contacts where there are service gaps.

In its role as service owner of the procurement business function in the One Washington program, DES is a partner with OFM and is exploring how best to involve small agencies for procurement readiness.

For small agencies with service gaps, please feel free to reach out to One Washington for assistance in connecting with the relevant administrative function owner (finance, procurement, budget, human resources and payroll). See OFM’s web page on the One Washington program for more information: