Building Commissioning

Building commissioning is a systematic documented process that helps ensure public facilities operate efficiently.

The DES Program Provides:

Professional Expertise: We help solve building problems, save energy and create a healthy and comfortable working environment.

Economical and Comprehensive Process: Project payback is typically 1-2 years. Customers receive project oversight and guidance throughout the entire process.

Prequalified Commissioning Firms: No need to advertise, customers choose from prequalified, reliable commissioning firms.

Contract Management: The process is managed from start to finish with contracts designed to protect the customer's interests.

It's a win-win opportunity:

For Building Owners

  • Reduced utility costs/energy usage
  • Fewer repairs/adjustments required

For Building Operators

  • Properly operating systems
  • Fewer occupant complaints
  • Training on all systems
  • Proper O&M manuals

For Building Occupants

  • Healthy indoor air quality
  • Comfortable working environment

Current Pre-Qualified Commissioning Firms

The list of pre-qualified commissioning firms is updated each biennium. Clients will enter into an Interagency Agreement (IAA) with the DES Commissioning Program and can then select from the following Commissioning firms:

  • Engineering Economics, Inc.
  • FSi Engineers
  • McKinstry
  • TestComm LLC
  • Welsh Commissioning Group, Inc.

Typical Commissioning Projects

To make facilities operate efficiently and reduce occupant complaints, consider commissioning the following:

  • HVAC Equipment and Control systems
  • Electrical and Lighting systems
  • Fire and Smoke Alarm systems
  • Building Envelope systems
  • Lab and Process Equipment

Request for Services

The Energy Program Services form is the first step in letting us help make your facilities more energy efficient.

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