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B&G teams spruce up the Capitol Campus for summertime visitors


Workers planting flowers around Tivoli Fountain on the Capitol Campus.

Talk about curb appeal.

In recent weeks, Buildings & Grounds crews have been working hard to spruce up the lawns, landscapes, monuments and other features of the Capitol Campus so that they’ll sparkle for the summer.

Here are some examples of their work.

Immaculate monuments

A view of the Medal of Honor and Winged Victory monuments on the Capitol Campus.

Carpenters Keith Peterson, Rick Bowman and Wes Cline helped clean and prepare monuments in advance of the Law Enforcement Memorial Service and Memorial Day weekend.

“They put in many hours over two weeks to get them looking tip top using very specific procedures to maintain the monuments’ beauty,” said B&G Planner and Quality Assurance Manager Chris Simpson.

Spotless steps

Workers cleaning steps of the Legislative Building.

Utility workers Ronnie Boone, Ken Carlson, Ken Taimanglo spent three mornings pressure washing the stairs on Legislative Building and Temple of Justice, just in time for all of those prom pics and summer events.

Glorious gardens

Workers planting flowers near the sundial on the Capitol Campus.

Grounds crewmembers have been busy planting flowers (so far, more than 4,000 new plants) and beautifying the grounds, particularly around the monuments, Tivoli Fountain and many buildings on West Campus.

The crew includes Kevin Battin, Nathan Bren, Chris Brownell, Jessica Dorian, Mary Harrison, Tim Hildebrand, Jeff Hogan, Dan Kirschner, Thomas Lambert, Kailee Moulton, Matt Pecolatto, Sterling Trevena-Garon, James Skinner and Ash Venable.

“Along with all this, Chris Brownell has worked relentlessly getting all of the irrigation ready for the campus watering needs,” Chris Simpson said.

Happy customers 

And the grounds crew’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed by Capitol Campus visitors and workers.

Kevin Pierce, Director of Legislative Support Services, said he thinks the West Campus looks fantastic right now.

In fact, he thinks the pathway from the sundial to the Legislative Building looks the best it’s looked in 20 years.

“I’d like to pass along my sincere thanks for the work they have done,” Kevin wrote in an email to Horticulturist Brent Chapman, who supervises grounds crews. “Staff and public guests will be able to enjoy the fruits of their collective labor for months to come!”