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WEBS Registration & Search Tips


To complete the process for the online vendor registration system you will be asked to provide the information listed below. It may be helpful to print this page and use as a guideline when registering.

Go to WEBS then click the Register Now link to begin the process.

Company Information

  • FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) or SSN. Note: a FEIN or SSN is required to register in this system - If you do not already have one, you may apply for one at the IRS website.
  • Company Name and/or DBA name
  • Address Information
  • Phone, fax and company web address

Contact Information

  • Account administrator name and email address
  • Additional contact information (contact name, email address and address info)

Ownership Information

  • # of employees
  • Washington State UBI# (Unified Business Identifier). Note: a UBI is not required to register in this system.
  • Ownership profile
  • Washington State MWBE certification or other certifications, if applicable
  • Small business self-identification. Note: If you are a Washington state business and have less than 50 employees or have a gross annual revenue of less than seven million dollars then you can self-certify as a small business.

Goods and Services selection

Vendors have the ability to add commodity codes that encompass the goods and services their company provides or is willing to provide to the State. To locate commodities enter a keyword or keywords and click the Search buttons.

Searching Tips

  • Conduct simple keyword searches to view a more comprehensive list of related commodity codes. For example, searching on electric will return more search results than searching on electrical.
  • Try multiple searches using different keywords to ensure all related commodity codes are returned in your search results. For example, if you want to find all lighting related commodity codes you might want to search on electric, electrical, light, lighting, fixtures, etc.).
  • When searching using multiple keywords WEBS, by default, will return commodities where any of the keywords you entered are found. For example, searching on consulting services will return any commodities which contain consulting or services.
  • To narrow your search use AND to search for commodities containing both words. For example searching for homeland AND security will return commodities that contain both homeland and security.
  • Use quotes to search for an exact phrase. For example searching for 'janitorial services' will return commodities that contain the exact phrase janitorial services. Hint: if you know the group or division that you want to search within type in the group and number inside quotes. For example typing in “group 23” will return any commodities that are applicable to Motor Vehicles. Typing in “division 16” will return any codes that are applicable to Construction, Electrical.

Geographic Service areas

Vendors will also indicate the geographic areas they are willing/able to provide goods and/or services in by selecting from a list of counties.

WEBS Memorandum of Agreement

This agreement outlines expectations for you to maintain your own data and also provides information the data will be utilized.

  1. Read and Select I agree.
  2. Click Next Button.

Step 1 of 4 – Vendor Profile Information

This step asks for basic vendor information that helps the State identify the types and sizes of vendors that we are conducting business with.

  1. Account administrator information (required) - Provide account administrator name, email address and select Yes to receive notification of bid opportunities.
  2. Company Information (required) - Provide FEIN or SSN, Company Name, Annual Gross Revenue, # of Employees, # of years in business.
    1. Optional fields: DBA Name, Web address, Washington UBI#
  3. Ownership Profile Information (required) – Identify if your company is publicly held, enter in demographic profile information for your company, and identify if your company has OMWBE certification status.
  4. Other certifications Information (optional) – Identify any additional certifications your company may hold.
  5. Corporate Location Information (required) - Identify the address information that you would like to have listed as the corporate location information.
  6. After completing all of the required fields click the Next button to move to step 2 of 4.

Step 2 of 4 – Additional Contacts (optional)

Vendors have the ability to add additional contacts for their profile. Additional contacts may be branch locations as well as additional users who would like to receive notification of bid opportunities. Additional contacts do not have access to modify the vendor profile data but will have access to view bid opportunities.

  1. Click the Add button to add an additional contact.
    1. Provide contact name and email address.
    2. Optional fields: physical address information.
    3. Click the Save button to save the additional contact.
  2. Click the Next button to bypass adding contacts.

Step 3 of 4 – Search for Commodity codes (required)

Vendors are required to select at least one commodity code for their vendor profile (see searching tips on page 1 of this document). The commodity codes cover Goods, Services and Construction related activities. In most cases the commodity codes represent a broad category of goods and or services so please choose those commodity codes which are the best fit for your company.

  1. Enter in a keyword to find related commodity codes.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. When the search results return review the list and select those codes that you would like to add to your profile. You may do this by checking the box to the left of the codes.
  4. Click the Add button after checking the boxes for the codes you want to add to your profile.
  5. The next screen will display back to you the commodity codes that you have selected.
    1. Option 1: Enter in another keyword to continue searching.
    2. Option 2: Click the Next button to move to step 4 of 4 in the registration process.
    3. Option 3: Remove any unwanted commodity codes by checking the box to the left of the code and clicking the Remove button.

NOTE: You may view the entire commodity code listing by clicking the link just below the keyword search box, titled "View entire commodity code listing."

For search tips click on the Help link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Step 4 of 4 – Geographic Designations (required)

Vendors are required to select the counties for which they are willing to provide goods and or services. Vendors may individually select counties or they may select ALL if they provide goods and services in all counties in Washington State.

  1. Select the Counties from the drop down list.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Review the list and if finished with your selections click on the Finish button.
  4. You will be taken to a confirmation screen, confirming that your registration has been completed.
  5. WEBS will send the user(s) an email with their user id (email address) and their password.

Construction Projects

Vendors have the ability to add commodity codes that encompass the goods and services their company provides, or is willing to provide to the state. To locate commodities, enter a keyword (or keywords) and click the Search buttons. Vendors who wish to be notified of construction projects advertised by the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services should include in their WEBS profile the following NIGP Commodity Code: 914-84 Trade Services Construction Non-classified.

Questions about the registration process may be directed to or (360) 902-7400, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.