Capitol Campus sundial to be removed for repairs week of July 17

The sundial between the O'Brien and Cherberg buildings on the west campus will be removed by a contractor hired by Enterprise Services this week.

The sundial will be taken to Seattle for further condition assessment and repair. Work will include:

  • Crafting of a new gnomon replicating the original – fabricated of a high-copper content bronze that will be stronger – with improved attachments. The gnomon is the part of the sundial that casts a shadow.
  • Repairs to the face of the Sundial, which is bent and cupping.
  • Work on the sundial's base and anchoring system to ensure the sundial face is flat and fully horizontal, for accuracy.

The project is included in the Public and Historic Facilities, fund in the 2017-19 operating budget, which is designated for care of campus memorials and artwork. The restoration work is expected to cost less than $10,000.

The project expected to be complete in late fall.

The sundial's bronze gnomon was damaged by vandals in the mid-1990s. State workers made temporary repairs. Enterprise Services considered numerous options for long term design and repair of the gnomon. The agency decided to re-install the historic gnomon design because it honors the original artist's design and is less costly than other options.

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