Capitol Campus Design Advisory Committee to discuss two building naming proposals

Proposals would rename Natural Resources Building the Jennifer Belcher Building and retain the Newhouse Building name

A photo of the Natural Resources Building on the Washington state Capitol Campus.
OLYMPIA - The Capitol Campus Design Advisory Committee (CCDAC) will discuss proposals to rename the Natural Resources Building the Jennifer Belcher Building and to retain the Newhouse Building name at its Nov. 16 meeting.

Information on the proposals is found in the CCDAC meeting packet.

Submit comments

Public comments can be sent to for consideration by 4 p.m. Nov. 14. People can also sign up to comment during the meeting.

While the Legislature has ultimate naming authority, RCW 43.34.090 calls for recommendations that come from the CCDAC and the State Capitol Committee (SCC).

Next steps

CCDAC may forward recommendations to the SCC for consideration. The next SCC meeting is Dec. 7.

After any SCC recommendation, the proposing entity works with legislative sponsors to bring a concurrent resolution and funding package forward. The Legislature would need to appropriate funding for the necessary elements to support a name change such as signage and wayfinding.

About building naming

Under RCW 43.34.090, buildings on the Capitol Campus are eligible for naming or renaming when constructed, after significant renovation, or when there is a change in the main tenant agency headquartered there. Buildings can be named after:

  • People who have played a significant role in Washington's history.
  • The building’s purpose or agency using building.
  • Significant Washington places.
  • Native American tribes.
  • Groups or types of people.

When naming or renaming buildings, the Legislature must consider:

  • Gender disparity,
  • Diversity of human achievement, and
  • Diversity of the state’s citizenry and history.