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Capitol Campus parking updates


We've passed the halfway mark of the 2018 Legislative Session and the campus is bustling. While parking spots are available, finding one close to where you want to be can be a challenge. Actions such as an increase in employee general (zoned) parking stalls and visitor parking in the Plaza Garage -- as well as increased parking enforcement -- have made finding available parking less of a challenge this session. And there's more. Here are some additional updates about campus parking:

ADA parking *NEW*

As of Jan. 1, 2018, the Department of Enterprise Services has introduced a consolidated parking policy for the Capitol Campus. The policy should be more useful and features:

  • An improved resource for visitors and employees parking on the Capitol Campus
  • Clarified definitions and processes for campus parking and compliance
  • Links to helpful information such as rules, laws and more information on the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The policy also transitions assigned ADA parking to first-come, first-served to make ADA parking more available. Based on agency and employee feedback, this portion of the policy is being introduced through a phased timeline approach to provide more time for agencies and employees to adjust to the change. Until March 31, employees with an ADA placard will continue parking in their original parking assignment. Any employee who does not have an ADA placard, but has an accommodation need, must engage their HR department to complete the interactive reasonable accommodation process as soon as possible.

Overflow parking

If you are an employee who parks on the Capitol Campus and you can't find a spot in your assigned lot, the Plaza Garage has overflow parking available on levels E and F.

Parking enforcement

Enforcing parking compliance increases the chances of registered parkers with a valid parking permit of finding a parking space. Traffic infractions issued on the Capitol Campus are subject to the jurisdiction of Thurston County District Court and all revenue from fines goes to them. Traffic violations are ticketed by the Washington State Patrol. Here are some tips to avoid receiving a parking citation:

  • Park in the garage or lot that you are assigned to. If you are not sure where that is, contact Parking Services at (360) 725-0030. If you can't find parking in your assigned area, you can park in the Plaza Garage.
  • If you are a state employee working on the Capitol Campus, you are not permitted to park in visitor parking lots.
  • Be sure your parking profile is current. If you have changed jobs, bought a new car, or are using a different vehicle, we need to know. You can update your parking profile on the Enterprise Services website.
  • Place your parking sticker in a visible location on the driver's side of the front or back windshield.
  • If you are temporarily reassigned to the Plaza Garage during session, be sure your placard is hanging on your rearview mirror.
  • Park in one stall. Be sure your tires aren't crossing the line into the stall next to yours.

Parking etiquette

Proper parking etiquette improves the parking experience for everyone.

  • Follow the lines. Park in the center of your space to allow cars on both sides of you to park, and the drivers to get out of their vehicles safely. Parking over or too close to the lines also raises risk for door dings. If you happen to pull into a parking spot at an awkward angle please remember that there is no shame in readjusting. Other drivers will thank you for it later when they can pull into a space without cringing. Parking within a single, designated space is also required by WAC 200-200-190.
  • If there's damage, please do the right thing. If you bump someone's car or chip someone's paint, leave a note with your contact information to take care of the issue.
  • Please park in the appropriate spot. Do not park in an electric vehicle charging spot without an electric vehicle, and do not infringe on an ADA parking spot if you do not require one.
  • Please watch your speed and drive carefully. Most large parking lots have posted speed limit signs, but if there isn't one posted, keep it to a 12 mph maximum. Parking lots are full of pedestrians and slower speeds will also help to protect against fender benders. The most common accident in a parking lot involves a car backing out of a space and a car driving down the aisle.

The Office of Parking Services has a new location

The Office of Parking Services has moved to a more central location on the Capitol Campus. The new location is at 1110 Capitol Way S., Room 210. The new office is easily accessible on foot and there are a limited number of free 30-minute visitor stalls available in the Capital Court parking lot and in the Natural Resources Building garage off Washington Ave. Paid parking is also available on the North Diagonal off Capitol Way and Natural Resources Building garage.

What does the Office of Parking Services offer?

From day passes for car or vanpoolers who had to drive their personal vehicle for the day, to monthly passes for contractors working on Campus, the Office of Parking Services can help meet your parking needs. Services include:

  • Management of monthly parking permits: If you prefer not to use automatic payroll deduction to pay your monthly fee, you can pay at the Office of Parking Services.
  • Assisting with updating parker information: Be sure your parking profile is current. If you have changed jobs, bought a new car, or are using a different vehicle, we need to know. You can also update your parking profile on the Enterprise Services website.