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Installation of waterproof sealant in NRB Garage to begin June 26


Installation of waterproofing materials on the P-1 level of the Natural Resources Building (NRB) Parking Garage and Mezzanine will begin Monday, June 26. The sealant replacement will greatly reduce damaging water infiltration into the garage. This work is in addition to the ongoing operation to replace fire sprinkler piping and repair earthquake bracing in the parking garage on level P-3 and the tunnel between the NRB and Office Building 2.

Tenants and passersby may notice a chemical odor from the sealant. Enterprise Services is taking extra precautions to protect tenants who are sensitive to smell by reducing the amount of outside air entering the NRB and surrounding buildings, while maintaining sufficient levels of fresh air inside. While the sealant materials are non-toxic, workers will take extra precautions, as well, by wearing protective clothing and respirators.

NRB Parkers are encouraged to park on the "F" Level of the Plaza Garage while the repair work is underway. A portion of the P-3 level in the NRB Parking Garage is closed between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. for nighttime work.

Work on both projects will be complete in November 2017. Workers will be on site 6 days a week for sixteen hours a day.

For more information on NRB Building projects, visit the Enterprise Services website. If you have questions about the building projects, contact Enterprise Services Asset Manager Darlena Heglund, (360) 407-9324.

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