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A portion of the east side of level P-2 closed until Monday, Oct. 16


A portion of the east side of level P-2 of the NRB Parking Garage will be closed until Monday, Oct. 16, for continuing work to apply waterproofing material.

The visitor parking lot on level P-1 west is open, however, stalls on the west side of the lot are closed until Oct. 20. The P-1 level can only be accessed from Washington Street. Metered parking is available to visitors to the Capitol Campus and costs $2 per hour.

While NRB parkers are encouraged to park in the "E" and "F" levels of the Plaza Garage, portions of the visitor lot will be reserved for employee zoned parking and agency vehicle parking during the final months of repairs.

Levels P-2 and P-3 can be accessed from Jefferson Street only. Workers are also focused on repairing permanent lighting on level P-2 and expect that work to be complete by the end of October.

Signs are posted to help direct traffic to open stalls and alert drivers of areas that are closed to parking during construction.

When parking in the NRB and Plaza garages, remember:

  • Park in the center of the stall to allow room for all parkers to enter and exit their vehicles.
  • If you notice damage to your vehicle, contact your insurance provider.
  • If you are involved in an accident and it is not an emergency, report it to the Washington State Patrol at (360) 586-1998.
  • If there is an emergency in the garage, please call 911.
  • If you believe the state is responsible for damage or injury while in the parking lot, you can file a claim with the DES Office of Risk Management, (360) 407-8022.

Other impacts from the construction and repair work include:

  • The entrance to the Multipurpose Room on level P-1 will be closed Aug. 23-Dec. 2017. You may enter the Multipurpose Room from the south side double doors or from the building main hallway.
  • The level P-1 east bicycle cage will be closed Aug 23-Dec 2017. Please use the P-2 level middle bicycle cage or the Plaza Garage bicycle cages on the "D" and "E" levels. View a map of bike cages on the East Capitol Campus.
  • The 11th Street entrance to level P-2 is closed Aug. 23 through Dec. 2017.

We thank you for your patience. For more information on NRB projects, visit the NRB Construction Projects page on the DES website. If you have questions about the building projects, contact Enterprise Services Asset Manager Darlena Heglund, (360) 407-9324.