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Sidewalk, landscaping, paving work for 1063 project to bring traffic impacts week of June 26; stormwater system work continues


During the week of June 26, crews will begin paving work and continue sidewalk and landscaping work along the sides of the 1063 Block Replacement Project.

Traffic and pedestrian impacts

There will be impacts to traffic on 11th Avenue, Columbia Street, Union Avenue and Capitol Way, including intermittent road closures.

During work throughout the week, flaggers will be in place. Work is weather dependent and subject to change.

Scheduled for Friday, June 30:

  • The North GA parking lot will be closed, and then reopened about 3:30 p.m.
  • Columbia Street will remain closed.
  • 11th Avenue will be closed between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Sidewalks adjacent to the building are scheduled to open to the public along Union, Capitol and 11th about 3:30 p.m.

Scheduled for Saturday, July 1:

  • Capitol, Union, Columbia and 11th will have lane closures in both directions between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. paving work.
  • At 5 p.m., all lanes and sidewalks are scheduled to be reopened to the public with the exception of Columbia between Union and 11th.

Stormwater work

Work to install a storm drain system for the 1063 Block Replacement Project also continues.

Work includes installing stormwater conveyance vaults, which are designed to contain, filter and control the flow of stormwater. Once the stormwater system is complete, it will be linked with existing stormwater conveyance systems.

The city will maintain stormwater vault filters on Columbia Street and Capitol Way, near Union Avenue, which will be part of the stormwater system. The stormwater system for the 1063 project has been reviewed and permitted by the City of Olympia.

Stormwater work impacts

Some parking spots in the lot near the General Administration Building are unavailable during work to install one of the underground stormwater vaults, which will be adjacent to the 1063 building.

Another vault is being installed near an access road and railroad path that runs between the east side of the building and Heritage Park, at the bottom of the hill between the park and building site.

While work is performed, the access road and portions of the hillside will be closed to pedestrians, with a detour routing pedestrians to a nearby walking path. Signs will mark areas that are closed to the public. In addition, there will be some short-term closures to vehicle traffic along the access road when work trucks enter and leave the site. A flagger will be on hand to direct vehicle traffic.

During the stormwater work, contractors are using an existing natural ditch as holding area. The water from the de-watering system around the vault under construction is going into this holding area before it goes to sedimentation tanks. The sedimentation tanks separate particulates before the water goes into the LOTT pipe system as a temporary filtering system during the construction period.

Also as part of the work, the contractor will perform landscape restoration work by seeding the disturbed hillside with plants and installing shrubs that will provide erosion control as well as slope and stream bank stabilization.

Work on the stormwater system is expected to be finished by the end of June. Work is weather dependent.

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