IT Professional Services (ITPS) Contracts

IT Professional Services (ITPS) is a portfolio of statewide IT service contracts.

We are restructuring our ITPS statewide contracts to create a more consistent and efficient way to buy IT services. The new contracts will address major customer and vendor challenges with the existing two-tier contract. The new contracts are competitively solicited and designed to be easier to use.

The new statewide contracts provide more opportunities for small, diverse and veteran-owned businesses.

Register in Washington's Electronic Business Solution (WEBS)

Anyone who wants to sell to agencies or buy goods or services using a contract must register in Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS). All official communication and announcements related to the solicitations will be available exclusively through WEBS. After each contract is executed, it will be posted on our contract summary page.

After registering in WEBS:

  • Businesses can view solicitations, find new bid opportunities, and sign up for email notifications.
  • Purchasers can post new solicitations and view existing solicitations.

IT services will be available through four contracts in 2024

  1. IT Project Management Services – Apparent Successful Bidders (ASB) announced in WEBS on Nov. 28, 2023.
    • IT Project Manager Services
    • IT Quality Assurance Services
    • The anticipated award-of-contract date is planned for early 2024.
  2. IT Development
    • Web Developer
    • Application Developer
    • Software Tester
    • IT Architect
    • We expect to announce the apparent successful bidders in January 2024. Please see WEBS and the planned procurement page for more information.
    • The anticipated award-of-contract date is planned for first quarter 2024.
  3. Information & Cybersecurity Services (anticipated posting: first quarter 2024)
    • IT Security Analyst
    • Security Engineer
    • IT Auditor
    • Penetration Tester
  4. IT Consulting (anticipated posting: second quarter 2024)
    • IT Project Management
    • Information Security
    • IT Development

What ITPS changes mean for vendors

  • You must register in WEBS to bid on contracts.
  • When you register in WEBS, we recommend you sign up to receive email notifications of bid opportunities for products or services you sell.
  • Vendors on the existing two-tier ITPS contract must submit a new bid if they want to be on the new contract.
  • All vendors must submit a bid in WEBS to be considered for an award on the new ITPS contracts.
  • Once the new ITPS contracts are executed, the corresponding categories in the two-tier contract will close.

What ITPS changes mean for purchasers

You no longer need to conduct your own solicitation for IT services. Instead, you will be able select from a list of vendors that are available on the statewide contract. Many awarded vendors are small, diverse, and veteran-owned businesses. Working with these vendors can help your agency meet your supplier diversity goals.

Purchasers can continue using existing two-tier contracts until new contracts are awarded.

Stay informed

Additional information

The ITPS Contract Team hosts information sessions with purchasers and vendors to help shape the future of ITPS contracts.

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