Capitol Master Plan

State Capitol Campus Master Plan

The 2006 Capitol Campus Master Plan provides a foundation that identifies principles to help inform Capitol Campus facilities planning and decision making. It also documents the history of the campus. In its current form, the Master Plan lacks an overall shared vision of how to meet the needs of the campus for the next 20-30 years and a corresponding roadmap to achieve such a vision.

Supplemental Planning Resources

While an update to the Master Plan is needed, DES has continued to build on the foundations of the 2006 Master Plan by producing supplemental plans that examine specific campus needs. In 2014, DES convened a work group to identify priorities for a new Master Plan update. Subsequently, in the 2015-17 biennium, funding was provided by the Legislature to examine four sites on the Campus:

  • General Administration Building
  • Pritchard Building (formerly the Washington State Library)
  • Irving R. Newhouse Building and its neighboring property east to Capitol Way, and
  • The "ProArts" Building at 206 11th Avenue, and including the single block of property around it with Centennial Park, located between Franklin and Washington Streets, between Union Avenue and 11th Avenue.

In March 2017, DES delivered its findings to the Legislature via the State Capitol Development Study. In 2020, DES was directed to conduct the Legislative Campus Modernization predesign.

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