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Plaza Garage Projects


Plaza Garage Electrical Upgrade and Lighting Improvement Project

Work to improve the lighting in the Plaza Garage is resuming on Level E in November. This is an extension of a project that installed 16”x16” LED lights on levels A-D and upgraded aging electrical panels in the garage. The new lighting adds to the existing lighting and significantly brightens the driving lanes and pedestrian walkways, making the garage easier to navigate and improving safety. The total cost of the project is just under $2.5 million.
This work was part of the East Plaza Water Infiltration Repair project, a multiple phase restoration and repair of the Plaza Garage. In 2019, it replaced the water barrier over the eastern third of the Plaza Garage, repaired cracks and drains and re-landscaped the eastern third of the southern Plaza. The remainder of the East Plaza repairs and landscaping will be completed over time with future funding requests.

Plaza lights before and after

Photos courtesy of Patriot Construction

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Safety tips


  • Turn your headlights on.
  • Go slow. Maximum speed is 12 mph in garages. 


  • Consider using your phone flashlight or carrying a light so drivers can see you.
  • Use marked walkways and crosswalks. Modern vehicles, especially electric and hybrid, can be very quiet.

Maple Park entrance