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About Surplus & Storage


The surplus program receives and redistributes surplus items from state and public agencies to other state agencies, governmental entities and private non-profit organizations. The surplus program is part of the Department of Enterprise Services and operates under the statutory authority of Revised Code of Washington 43.19.1919

Solutions match your needs from start to finish

Enterprise Service’s Surplus Operations is the state’s central hub for managing used public agency goods. We partner with public and private organizations to provide cost-effective environmentally friendly services.

What we do

  • State Surplus - disposal and redistribution
    We help agencies dispose of surplus state-owned goods at no cost. Surplus items are offered first to priority customers (state agencies and other public organizations) and then to the general public. The public can buy state-owned goods online, at warehouse sales or at our Tumwater retail store.
  • Federal Surplus - surplus goods for qualifying organizations
    We offer certain surplus federal goods to state agencies, municipalities and eligible non-profit organizations.
  • Transport Services - distributing items efficiently
    Our drivers transport supplies, including vehicles and heavy equipment, anywhere in the state with our fleet of trucks.

Sustainability: a focus on reuse, recycling

We are committed to sustainable practices. Our transport services often combine deliveries for multiple agencies to save fuel and reduce emissions. We try to resell all surplus goods. If not, we recycle them. We only send items to a landfill as a last resort, and only after removing any recyclable material.

Standard services

Our standard services include:

  • Standardized fee structure
  • Automated disposal process for surplus property
  • Disposal requests approved within 24 hours
  • Reimbursement dollars from surplus sales returned within 30 days of sale

Transportation Rates

Our drivers transport supplies (including vehicles and heavy equipment) anywhere in the state with our fleet of trucks.

Service Rate Unit
Truck and driver $155 Per hour
(rounded up to nearest hour; fuel surcharge may apply)


Please e-mail for space availability and quotes.