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Government Item Disposal


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Surplus Property Disposal Request System

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The Enterprise Services Surplus Operations program leads the state’s efforts to redistribute items state agencies, local governments and public organizations no longer need. Although agencies may no longer need these items they may still have usefulness and can be purchased by other government organizations or the public. This allows the state to save taxpayer dollars and resources by extending the life of items and minimizes the amount of waste sent to landfills.

To get your organization started in using government item disposal please email to verify your agency or organizations eligibility status and next steps.

Part of the Department of Enterprise Services, Surplus Operations operates under the statutory authority of Revised Code of Washington 43.19.1919.

Register to use Surplus Property Disposal Request System

The system requires a login ID and password which may be obtained by contacting us at You will receive confirmation within 5 business days of receiving your request.

How do I submit a disposal request?

Once you log into the disposal system, you can submit a request to dispose of your surplus items. You will be assigned a surplus authority number within 24 hours and a Surplus Operations representative will work with you to determine the most appropriate action to be taken. Learn more about requesting disposal.

What can my organization surplus?

Surplus Operations can take most of your reusable surplus items, such as cars, sporting equipment, furniture and more. However, we are unable to accept hazardous materials. Get additional pointers on disposal practices.

Surplus disposal FAQs

Learn about these topics and more.

  • How to properly create a disposal request
  • Best practice for preparing your surplus items for pick up or drop off

Surplus Property Disposal Request System log in

If you have an assigned username and password, you can log into the Surplus Disposal System. If you do not have a login please send us an email at, to sign up.