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DES COVID-19 Response โ€“ Bulk quantities of PPE & infection control products

The Department of Enterprise Services is seeking to fill shortages of specific personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection-control products to support the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Need Contact
Donating most needed bulk items* Learn more and provide details on what you can offer
Donating smaller quantities Contact your local emergency management agency
Selling items Get registered in WEBS with the proper commodity codes
Manufacturing assistance Provide details on what you can offer
Other offers Provide details on what you can offer


*When will I be contacted about my donation or purchase inquiry?
You will receive an automated response that your inquiry has been received. 

Submissions that meet all criteria will be given highest priority. Meanwhile, we thank you for your patience. 


Contracting & Purchasing (360) 407-2210
Employee Assistance Program (877) 313-4455
Facilities & Leasing (360) 407-2220
Finance (360) 407-2235
HR & Payroll (360) 407-2230
Printing & Mail (360) 407-2250
Risk Management (360) 407-2260
Surplus (360) 407-2270
Training & Development (360) 664-1921
Travel, Cars & Parking (360) 407-2280
WEBS Customer Service (360) 902-7400


Life threatening emergencies 9-1-1
Non-life threatening emergencies (360) 725-0000

News & Media Center

Communications Office

(360) 407-8200

COVID-19 Media Contact

Linda Kent

Public Affairs Director

(360) 972-6413

Major Projects & Initiatives

Capitol Campus Construction Projects (360) 407-9343
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