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If you need to tap into the diverse veteran and military job seeker population, our team can provide you with contacts, leads and facilitate your participation in outreach events.

As a recruiter it is important you have current information on who’s eligible and how to apply veteran’s preference to applicant scores. You can contact us, or click on the links below for guidance on this topic. Please note, the following documents are currently in review and may not reflect recent changes to RCWs:

Guidance on how to identify and apply veteran's preference within the online recruiting system is available in the OLRS Guidance SharePoint site. 

If you need to request access to the OLRS Guidance SharePoint site, send your name, agency, and email address to the DES OLRS support team at careershelp@des.wa.gov.

If outside the SGN, you must first create a SAW account https://secureaccess.wa.gov/public/saw/pub/displayRegister.do. When requesting access to the OLRS SharePoint site, include the email address associated with your SAW account, as well as your name, agency, and work email (if different from your SAW account email).