The state leave sharing program enables state employees to come to the aid of another state employee who meets the criteria to be eligible to request shared leave donations.

Employees may donate accrued leave to a fellow state employee who is suffering from or has a relative or household member suffering from an extraordinary or severe illness or impairment which may cause the employee to take leave without pay or terminate employment. Employees who are eligible for shared leave must use their own leave in accordance with WAC 357-31-435 or WFSE CBA Article 14 before using shared leave.

  1. Please refer to WAC 357-31-435 or WFSE CBA Article 14 for Shared Leave eligibility requirements.
  2. Complete and sign the Shared Leave Request Form and return it to the DES Leave Administrator. (If applicable, you may need to complete the shared leave medical certification form)
  3. Depending on the reason for shared leave, per WAC 357-31-435 or WFSE CBA Article 14, provide the DES Leave Administrator with the appropriate documentation.
  4. Once the DES Leave Administrator has received your request and documentation, the request will be processed and you will receive communication indicating your approval or denial.

  1. Complete and sign the Shared Leave Donation Form.
  2. Please reference WAC 357-31-435 or WFSE CBA Article 14 for the types of leave employees can donate to the shared leave program.
  3. Submit approved Shared Leave Donation Form to DES Payroll for processing.

  1. Email the completed Outside Agency Shared Leave Donation Form to the DES Leave Administrator
  2. The DES Leave Administrator will work with the HR Liaison to prepare a letter that must be signed by both agency heads
  3. The DES Leave Administrator will email your completed donation form and approval letter to DES Payroll for processing. You will be copied on this communication.

Please contact the DES Leave Administrator for additional questions regarding the Shared Leave program.