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Personnel/Payroll Data Sheet (PPDS) Guidance



The Personnel/Payroll Data Sheet (PPDS) form should be used whenever you are hiring or changing the status of an employee. The PPDS form covers everything from appointment and supervisor changes, to terminations.

Take Action

Completing the PPDS to fill a position:

  • Before filling a position with a new employee, or an existing employee, verify with budget that you have adequate funding.
  • Once you have a preferred candidate, do thorough reference checks, including the review of any existing state personnel file.
  • Coordinate with your HR Business Partner.
  • Consult with your HR Business Partner to verify salary.
  • Contact the candidate and offer the position.
  • If the candidate declines the offer, circle back with your appointing authority and communicate next steps to HR Business Partner.
  • If the candidate accepts the offer, complete the Personnel/Payroll Data Sheet (PPDS). The PPDS should be signed by the Supervisor/Manager and Agency Director.
  • Email the PPDS to the Small Agency HR Mailbox for processing.

Completing the PAR for any other reason:

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