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Contracts & Procurement Training & Development


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To see the courses that are for you, select the button below that best describes your position.

For Contract & Procurement Professionals - Those who do pre-award and post-award work as a primary part of their job.

For Contract Monitors and Managers-Those who do post-award work only.

For Small Purchasers-Those who make small purchases and use purchasing cards.

For Executives Training Link: For those executives of agencies, boards, commissions, and higher education.


Non-State Partners' online Training LinkNot sure where you fit? Try: Training by Job Duty

Below are the courses we offer.

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E.O. 18-03 Worker's Rights Logo showing a jury of peers.Learn all about Executive Order 18-03 and how it supports Worker's Rights in this 15 minute training complete with a four minute docu-mini.

Contract Management Training Program logo and link to page.Phase II of Washington State's Contract Management Training for employees who administer, monitor, and manage contracts. Employees will learn to leverage valuable skills and knowledge to manage more effectively performance-based contracts.

PCBs & Procurement Logo and Link to page.This new eLearning course will provide professionals who develop procurements with the tools they need to reduce PCBs in Washington’s waterways.

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Ethics: Required Training for all Washington State employees who purchase on behalf of the state.
Executive Management: Required training for all Executive Managers of State Agencies, Boards and Commissions and Higher Education.
Wage Theft: Optional training for contract professionals regarding wage theft.
Purchasing and Procurement 101:Required training for Procurement and Contract Professionals who work pre-award for Washington State.
Small Purchases: Required training for those who make small purchases and use purchasing cards on behalf of Washington State.
Master Contracts: Training for all those who make purchases on behalf of Washington State.
WEBS: Training for customers/vendors who use WEBS.


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