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Department issues notice for removal of tents at Heritage Park


Dec. 15, 2011


OLYMPIA – The Department of Enterprise Services has set a deadline of Dec. 16 for the removal of tents and other unpermitted structures at Heritage Park.

The department's cease-and-desist notice takes effect at 12:01 a.m. Dec. 16.

Public safety concerns prompted the notice by Director Joyce Turner. Tents were allowed as part of the free-speech activity known as Occupy Olympia, which began in mid-October.

"The current activity at Heritage Park is no longer sustainable," Turner said. "We also recognize that some individuals who have been staying at the park need assistance. We have contacted local non-profit organizations that provide that kind of help."

Enterprise Services staff will dispose of abandoned or unsanitary private items left behind. Owners of unclaimed items will be able to pick them up through Jan. 9 at a storage site close to the park.

Enterprise Services maintains the grounds and buildings on the Capitol Campus. This includes Capitol Lake and Heritage Park. The department also manages events and displays on the campus.

Steve Valandra, Communications Director
Enterprise Services
360 407 9211
360 791 4454