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Amazon Business gives Washington government agencies, schools, and higher education powerful business tools and purchasing controls under our statewide account.
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We use a statewide Amazon Business account to eliminate purchasers using personal Amazon Prime subscriptions for government purchases. When you use Amazon Business, you can access all the benefits of Amazon Prime plus additional business-friendly tools at no cost to the state.

All state agencies, boards, commissions, and higher education institutes can purchase from Amazon when their needs are not available through a statewide contract or a small or diverse firm.

All accounts are grouped under one statewide Amazon Business account, but you will only have access to your own transaction records and administrative controls.

Accounts are available to:

  • State agencies
  • Boards
  • Commissions
  • Higher education institutes
  • School districts
  • Local government agencies
  • Offices of elected officials

Depending on your organization’s needs, you can use Amazon Business to create subgroups, manage approval workflows, and even block access to certain purchasing categories.

How to sign up

Before signing your team up for Amazon Business, cancel all Prime memberships currently tied to Washington State email addresses. The Amazon Business training video on joining an existing business account can guide you through the process of joining and merging accounts.

  1. Choose someone to serve as group administrator for your organization. We recommend having a backup administrator for when the primary is out of office.
  2. Your primary group administrator will enroll your team by contacting Contracts and Procurement Business Operations at
  3. Your administrator will receive an Amazon Business invitation email. Accept it within 21 days to get started.
  4. Decide if the simple or advanced setup is best for your group:

If you are migrating your existing Amazon account to Amazon Business, use the email address and password associated with the account to sign in after accepting the emailed invitation.

If you have a current Amazon Business account, you will need to deregister your account before you are able to be added to the state Amazon Business account.

If you already paid for a Prime Membership

Owners of Amazon accounts with active Prime Membership can request a pro-rated refund of the membership cost after you transition the account to the state’s Amazon Business account. Please call Amazon Business Customer Support at (866) 486-2360 to request the refund.

Amazon Business technical help

Contact Amazon Business Customer Support at 866-486-2360, use the contact form when logged into your Amazon Business account, or visit the Amazon Business help page.

Direct Buy Policy

All Amazon purchases must be in compliance with the Direct Buy Policy DES-123-03 and be purchased through the state Amazon Business account.

Related policies


A competitive solicitation process must be used for all purchases of goods and services unless there is an exception listed under RCW 39.26.125. Direct buy purchases are one of the exceptions, which do not require a competitive process. Certain public purchases do not justify the administrative time and expenses necessary to conduct a competitive process.

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