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Capitol Campus Projects


Capitol Campus Projects

Insurance Building after cleaning


Capitol project funds work differently than other parts of the state budget:

  • In general, capital projects have different funding sources than the operating budget and IRS rules require that capital bond funding can only be used for capital projects.
  • The challenges being experienced in other parts of the state budget don’t tend to affect the funding sources for capital projects the same way.
  • Capital projects can help stimulate the economy, which in turn helps communities in Washington as well as state operating budget revenues. 


Capitol Childcare Center

The Department of Enterprise Services is overseeing a project that will house an additional child care center in Olympia to serve state workers. Located on the corner of Maple Park Avenue Southeast and Capitol Way South, the future single-story, 9,600 square-foot building will become the southern gateway to the Capitol Campus. The Legislature funded the $10 million project in 2019. Construction began in June 2020 and is scheduled to be completed in 2021. Learn more.

Insurance Building Exterior Cleaning and Restoration Project

A project to clean and make minor repairs to the Insurance Building exterior, including its historic sandstone, took place in the fall of 2020. Cleaning and some minor preservation work go hand-in-hand. Cleaning benefits preservation work by revealing areas where some stone has minor damage. Learn more.

Capitol Conservatory Demolition

The Department of Enterprise Services oversaw demolition of the Capitol Conservatory on the West Capitol Campus. Work to remove the greenhouse structure and relocate utilities occurred between August 2020 and February 2021. Learn more.

Plaza Garage Projects

In 2020, several electrical projects will have minor impacts to parking and lighting in the Plaza Garage. The projects are related to garage lighting improvements, upgrading electrical panels, Campus security, and construction of a new childcare center on the East Campus. See a schedule of upcoming work and impacts.