The state leave sharing program enables state employees to come to the aid of another state employee who meet the criteria to be eligible to request shared leave donations (Represented employees will refer to the appropriate CBA).

Employees may donate accrued leave to a fellow state employee who is suffering from or has a relative or household member suffering from an extraordinary or severe illness or impairment, which may cause the employee to take leave without pay or terminate employment. The employee who is eligible for shared leave must use his or her own leave in accordance with WAC 357-31-435 before using shared leave.



  1. HR Liaison receives request from employee for Shared Leave and notifies the HR Business Partner (HRBP).
  2. Shared Leave request and/or medical documentation is analyzed by the HRBP and the HR Liaison reviews the personnel file for documentation regarding leave use. If there is documented leave abuse, the HR Liaison will notify the HRBP.
  3. HRBP issues an approval or denial of the request to the employee with a CC to the HR Liaison.
  4. HRBP creates an email, including the agencies leave policy, notifying the employee and the HR Liaison that shared leave the leave is approved or denied. If the request is denied, no further action is taken after sending the notice.
  5. If approved, the HRBP adds required information to the Shared Leave Tracking Sheet housed at DES and verifies with Payroll, any shared leave hours previously used.
  6. HR sends, if approved by the requester, an email to the HR Liaison to send out to their agency for donations.
  7. Payroll receives, verifies, and processes donations forms. Payroll will also notify the donating employee when donations are processed or if a donation is unable to be processed.
  8. Payroll monitors employee’s leave usage to ensure all other leave is used first.
  9. HR notifies Payroll and the HR Liaison when the employee is no longer eligible for shared leave.
  10. Payroll returns any hours remaining to the donors.
  11. HR Liaison ensures all documentation is placed in the employee’s medical file.


When Shared Leave Ends

The Agency head receives a statement from the affected employees doctor verifying that the illness or injury is resolved; or

The employee is released to full-time employment; has not received additional medical treatment for his or her current condition or any other qualifying condition for at least 6 months; and the employee’s doctor has declined, in writing, the employees’ request for a statement indicating the employee’s condition has been resolved.


Outgoing/Incoming Donations from External Agencies

  1. HR Liaison receives a donation from an external employee.
  2. HR Liaison contacts the donating agency and verifies the employee is eligible to donate.
  3. If eligible, the HR Liaison processes the Director or Designee approval for both the donating and receiving agencies and provides or retrieves the agency number and fund to or from other agency.
  4. Once approval from both agencies has been completed the HR Liaison will notify Payroll.
  5. Payroll will process the donation.
  6. If there is any unused shared leave to return to the external agency, Payroll will contact the external agency’s payroll office to verify funds and process the return of the shared leave.