Parents and Caregivers

Parent and Caregiver Resource Guide

As parents and caregivers, you face particular challenges as the return to school approaches and as you continue to care for and support family, friends and community members who might also be struggling during the pandemic. The Washington State EAP recommends these resources with the goal of continuing our support of state and public employees, and with the hope that they provide some guidance and relief. The inclusion of these resources is not intended to reflect their particular importance, nor is it intended to endorse any views expressed or products or services offered.

EAP is here to support you during these very challenging times. Help starts here.

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EAP Resources

The EAP site is rich with resources to support you and your efforts to manage and cope with personal and work life challenges. Below are just a few of the resources you'll find on the EAP's web site. For a complete list of resources, tools, webinars and publications.

State Resources

Washington State provides state-wide resources to help you navigate the ever-changing realities of the pandemic. Below are two resources in support of the mission to provide up-to-date information about COVID-19 and to support stress management and coping due to COVID-19.

School and Child Care Information

Back-to-school is traditionally a time of both excitement and stress, but the pandemic has increased parents' and caregivers' stress levels heading into the coming school year. Below are some resources to assist with navigating the child care and education landscape.

Supporting Children

The below resources will help you help your children have a successful school year.

Supporting Parents and Caregivers

Preparation, planning and managing expectations can help parents and caregivers get through a school year destined to present new challenges.

Special Considerations

Substance Use

Increased stress can result in unhealthy ways of coping. Alcohol and substance use often go hand in hand with increased stress. Below are some resources to help identify alcohol and substance use concerns and to get support.

Mental Health

The pandemic poses new challenges for maintaining mental health. The below resources provide support when you or someone you care for is in crisis.

Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence

Concerns about – and incidents of – domestic/intimate partner violence have increased during the pandemic. The below resource is provided to promote the safety and well-being of targets of violence.