Access the Sole Source Contracts Database

Learn how to file sole source and emergency contracts.

Our Sole Source Contracts Database (SSCD) application guides users through the process of filing sole source and emergency contracts. State agencies and higher education institutions must file their sole source and emergency contracts with us.

Logging in

If you already have a login issued by us and have access to the statewide intranet, visit to log in to the system. A help guide is available for use once you are logged in.

If you do not have a login issued by us, please contact the Sole Source Oversight Administrator at

Filing justifications

We have outlines to help with the sole source, emergency contract, and amendment filing processes:


Use the Sole Source Procedure, Glossary Supplement, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents to guide you through the sole source filing process.

Related policies


This policy establishes criteria and qualifications, reporting requirements and timelines, and reporting exemptions related to emergency purchases. See RCW 39.26.130. These reporting requirements promote state agency transparency of emergency purchases which are exceptions from competition. See RCW 39.36.125(1).


This policy applies whenever an agency intends to purchase or lease goods and/or services under Chapter 39.26 RCW that are only available from a single source as defined in RCW 39.26.010(23) or are exempt from competition.

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Brooke Jensen

Sole Source Oversight Administrator