Pedestrian Bridge Banner Policy

DES is granted authority to manage the displays of banners on the pedestrian bridge over Capitol Way South at 14th.

The Department of Enterprise Services updated its Bridge Banner Standards and its Displays on the Capitol Grounds Policy in April, 2017, to address banners that are hung from the pedestrian walking bridge over Capitol Way South.

Public comment

Enterprise Services sought public comment between October 21, 2016 and early 2017 as it considered options for a policy. Comment was sought again in March, 2017 on proposed updates. Open houses were held during both comment periods, on January 5 and March 22, 2017. Public feedback was important to ensure an informed solution that balances public safety and appropriate community use of the Capitol Campus. View public comments.

About the updates

The updates include clear bridge banner permit requirements.

View the Bridge Banner Standards.

View the Displays on the Capitol Grounds Policy, Section 3.

Apply for a Bridge Banner permit

Bridge banner policy and standards highlights include:

  • Continues the prior existing policy that only Enterprise Services can hang bridge banners to ensure their safe hanging. The department charges a fee for hanging banners.
  • Limits bridge banners to two categories by governmental entities or non-profits: (1) Public event announcements of events open to the general public; and (2) Public service announcements directed at the general public for public benefit.
  • Creates categories of bridge banner content that are not allowed. Some examples of content restrictions are:
    • Endorsing or opposing political candidates, initiatives, ballot measures, issues or messages.
    • Demeaning or disparaging an individual or group of individuals.
    • Promoting unlawful, illegal or unsafe goods, services, activities, conduct, or behaviors.
    • Promoting sexually-oriented businesses or sexually explicit material.
    • Primarily promoting tobacco, alcohol or marijuana, or related products.
    • Depicting explicit, offensive or obscene sexual or excretory activities.
    • Any images of a person appearing to be a minor in sexually suggestive dress, pose or context or of an obscene nature.

Additional information

Bridge banner hanging and removal: For safety reasons, only Enterprise Services may hang or remove a bridge banner. All applicants must pay the hanging/removal fee before a bridge banner will be hung.

Bridge banner stickers: Enterprise Services requires banner applicants to place a disclaimer on their banners that states the banners are not affiliated with the state. The agency is providing stickers at no cost that can be placed on the back of the banners to meet this requirement through April 2018.


  • Please view bridge banner availability when applying for a permit through the online scheduling system.
  • Please be prepared to upload a banner photo or design when applying for a banner permit.
  • Use the online banner application.

Banner drop-off and pick-up

Enterprise Services would like to remind people to deliver approved banners to Room 111 of the Visitor Services office the Friday before the banner is to be hung. Banners are hung on Mondays. Banners need to be picked up one week after their Monday hang date, after 10 a.m.

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