Capitol Campus Lost and Found

Items that are lost or found on Capitol Campus grounds are managed by Visitor Services.

Lost items

Looking for a lost item? Call Visitor Services at 360-902-8880. Please be ready to describe the item in detail.  

Some offices on the campus may hold onto the item for a few days, in hopes that the owner collects the items from where it was lost. If no one shows up to claim it, the item is sent to the Visitor Services office in the Washington State Legislative Building. 

Lost items are kept for at least one month before they are donated or destroyed.  

Larger items, including items found within campus parks, may not be stored on-site. Please call to arrange a pick-up time. 

Found items

Found an item? If you've found an item on Capitol Campus grounds, it can be turned in to the Visitor Services office during regular business hours: 

Washington State Legislative Building
Visitor Services
First Floor, Room 111
416 Sid Snyder Ave SW
Olympia, WA 98504

Contact us

Visitor Services

Phone 360-902-8880