Open Carry of Weapons Prohibited in State Capitol Buildings and on West Campus Grounds

Effective May 13, 2021, Senate Bill 5038 prohibits open carry of certain weapons at the state Capitol in Olympia. The law applies to all buildings on campus, state legislative offices, any public legislative hearing or meeting, within 250 feet of permitted events, and west Capitol Campus grounds.

Weapon means: Any firearm, explosive as defined in RCW 70.74.010, or any weapon of the kind usually known as slingshot, sand club, or metal knuckles, or any knife, dagger, dirk, or similar weapon that is capable of causing death or bodily injury and is commonly used with the intent to cause death or bodily injury.

West Capitol Campus grounds include: Areas of the campus south of Powerhouse Rd. SW, south of Union Avenue SW as extended westward to Powerhouse Rd. SW, west of Capitol Way, north of 15th Avenue SW between Capitol Way S. and Water Street SW, west of Water Street between 15th Avenue SW and 16th Avenue SW, north of 16th Avenue SW between Water Street SW and the east banks of Capitol Lake, and east of the banks of Capitol Lake.

View the map for a full view of the prohibited areas (PDF).

Map of area where open carry of weapons is prohibited.