Young Weeping European White Birch Tree

Young Weeping White Birch tree
Young Weeping White Birch tree leaves
Young Weeping White Birch tree trunk


Betula pendula ‘Youngii



Campus Location

Just south of the Tivoli Fountain, in a sidewalk triangle.

Native Range

Europe and parts of Asia


  • Deciduous and grafted, growing 20 - 25 feet tall and at least as wide, or wider.
  • Weeping, contorted branches, form an umbrella-like canopy.
  • White bark when young, black fissures develop with age.
  • Landscape uses include specimen and as a patio tree.

History and significance:
The tree is planted in what is referred to as an Olmsted triangle – where sidewalks converge from three directions to form a triangular planting space.

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