Schedule an Event

Events and activities can be scheduled through our online permit application. A permit enables you to reserve access to specific locations and amenities for specific times. For more information, please contact Events Coordinator at 360-902-8881 or

How do I schedule an activity on the Capitol Campus?

Step 1 - Figure out what kind of activity

So that we can better help you, please give some thought to your objectives and to what types of activities might best achieve them.

A permit is not required for free speech activities involving fewer than 25 people inside the buildings or involving fewer than 75 people on the grounds. However, you may still want to obtain a permit so that you can reserve a specific date, time, or location.

  • Do you want to inform elected officials or the public about your views and issues (free speech and assembly activities)
  • Is it a private occasion not open to the general public, such as a wedding or invitation-only reception?
  • Are you trying to market or sell products or services (a commercial activity)?
  • Is it a government activity (such as a hearing on current issues)?
  • Do you want to put up a display or hang a banner?

Step 2 - Contact us for ideas or guidance

DES Visitor Services can suggest creative strategies to achieve your objectives.

Step 3 - Submit your permit application

  • Fill out our online permit application.
  • Submit your completed permit application at least two full working days before the date you wish to reserve.

Give us as much detail as you can about your plans so that we can help you prepare for a successful event. For example:

  • Will you need different setups, such as tables and chairs for a forum held inside in the morning, and a stage and sound system for a rally outside at noon? (Please see Step 4 to arrange for DES services.)
  • Do you plan to serve food?
  • Will you need portable restrooms?
  • Will you need to coordinate with us for bus parking?
  • Are you planning on putting up a canopy?

Step 4 - Schedule DES services

DES offers event support services, such as equipment setup or custodial, for a charge. To manage our services effectively, we ask that you submit your request for our services at least five full working days prior to your activity. See our guidance on scheduling support services for more information.

Step 5 - Pay and receive your permit

We will issue your permit or deny your application within two full working days of receiving your completed application form.

If your activity requires an application charge or if you have scheduled our services, we must receive your deposit before we issue your permit. See our Campus Use Rate Schedule for information on our services and related charges.

Please review your permit carefully. Your permit will describe the details of when, where, and how your activity can proceed. If we deny your application, you can appeal to the director of DES within five working days of the date of the denial.

Step 6 - Hold your activity

Before the start of your activity, check in with DES Visitor Services. We can help make sure all scheduled DES services are on track.

All activities must comply with our general use requirements and terms of the permit.

Where on the campus can I hold an activity?

Permitted activities may be held in the following locations

Other campus buildings are designed for office use and do not have designated event spaces for permitted activities. If you have a special request, or need guidance or ideas on where you can hold an activity, please call 360-902-8881.

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