Best Buy Notification

Notification no longer required

"Best buy" reporting to the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is no longer required under procurement reform.

Online reporting was formerly required when an agency found goods or services that were at least 5 percent below state master contract pricing.

DES does, however, recommend following best practices to ensure agencies fare well on state audits.

Best practices

If an agency determines a master contract does not meet its needs for any reason – including price – DES recommends following these best practices:

  • Document why the procurement does not meet your agency's needs in procurement files. This is important for audit purposes.
  • Fulfill all applicable competitive requirements in procuring the needed good and or service.
  • DES requests that agencies fill out the easy-to-use online Vendor and Contract Performance Feedback form for the master contract.

Providing feedback

Talk to us! Customer feedback is always important to inform future contracts. We partner with customers and vendors to deliver competitive contracts and creative solutions that make purchasing easier.

One of the easiest ways you can provide feedback is through the Vendor and Contract Performance Feedback Form for each master contract. The form can be brought up with a click of the mouse from each master contract's web portal page. You'll find the feedback form in the Resources section of each portal page. Contract portal pages can be found using DES's contract search tool.

How feedback is used

Feedback helps DES gain the best prices and value on contracts for everyone. The online forms provide important information that DES uses to:

  • Ensure contract pricing remains competitive.
  • Negotiate for price and / or value improvements.

Enterprise Services' aim is to help customers leverage resources and reduce risk while acquiring the right product, at the right time, for the right price so you can focus on your mission.

About master contracts

Master contracts are designed to make it easier for government and nonprofit organizations throughout Washington to focus on serving citizens because they:

  • Have met state procurement laws to reduce customer risk and streamline the contracting process.
  • Are actively managed for you throughout their terms, saving staff time.
  • Are established for most frequently purchased products, making best use of resources for all types of government in Washington.


See section 5 of the Delegation of Authority Policy DES-090-00 and related FAQ.

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